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I want to volunteer to help the sick kids.I want to cheer them up and if they and their parents are happy ,I'll be happy,too.On the weekends ,I'm free so I'll go to hospital on weekends.And I will buy some gifts or flowers for the sikc children.

dear parents, how is everything these days? i miss you very much. i am very happy at my new shool. my teachers and shoolmates are very friendly to me .they ofen help me with my study.now i am not worried about my english because i make a lot of

你好,可写为:I want to be a volunteer Nowadays,there are more and more volunteers in China.And do you know something about the roles of being a volunteer?Being a volunteer can help many and many people in need,and in this way can make

As community volunteers,my classmates and I go to the drop-in centre to help with things of which we are capable every or every other Saturday afternoon.There are many old people and children who are not able to return home temporarily.The old

Last Sunday I went to Old people's home with my classmates. we met at the school gate at 8 o'clock. then we took a bus there. we helped do some cleaning.and swept the floor. The old people were very happy.

volunteerseach nation has many good people who help to take care of others. for example, some highschool and college students in the united states often spend many hours as volunteers in hospitals, orpha憨花封拘莩饺凤邪脯矛nages or homes

we went to a pool countryside school.we will teach some children English inthe morning and say story to help them.In the afternoon ,we will play with them and save books and toys for them.They work hard and lovely.we had fun too.I hope I can help them again.很认真的,望采纳.

我的志愿是当一名工程师 每当我看见那些工程师在经营自己的事业的时候, 我总会产生一种莫名的情感, 那种感觉从心底涌上眉头, 让我热血沸腾, 所以, 我从心底就想当一个工程师. 当我把这个想法告诉我的父母时, 我就发现我已经背起了一个重大的责任, 那就是对自己负责. 爸爸说, 你要加油啊,我们支持你, 妈妈说, 你要努力啊,我们相信你, 我说,那当然, 从明天起,我将更加努力地学习, 为了理想,我一定行!

Hard work of volunteers Volunteer is a very sacred work, for everybody when a volunteer is a kind of exercise. Life is full of challenges in the world, no step face slap choice. When I was small I also want to be a volunteer I would like to learn to support

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