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loose things

"Losing things"

left sth. at sp. lost sth. 比如:l left my book at home

1. Lost good things2. something you lost3. Lost precious things4. Lost things lost 读音英[lst] 美[l:st] adj. 失去的; 迷路的; 不知所措的; v. 遗失,失去( lose的过去式和过去分词); (使)失去(所需要的东西,尤指钱) ; (因事故、年老、死亡等) 损失; 浪费; 例句:A lost thing may be found again, but lost time can never be regained 翻译:一件丢失的东西可能再找回,但错过的时间却永远不会再回来.


lose things 因为是丢失的,是已经发生的动作,所以用lost的过去式lose

翻译如下:人们在匆忙的时候,经常丢东西 People often lose things when they are in a hurry

In the near my home will always be those who Diudong Xi好了,,帮你翻译了,,,记得给分哦


A story about a lost wallet It's a sunny day in spring , It was on Monday , April 12, I found a black wallet lying on the road on my way to school, at that time , there was no one around me ,I did not kown whose wallet it is ,so I opened the wallet , I saw

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