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对 有办法的英语

have a way 有一套;有办法;have a way with 擅长处理,有能力对付

Yeah, I have an idea.

你好!have a solution 求采纳 记得给问豆啊!

d better consult the lawyer about this taskpair adaptpersonalinsistsacrificesacredgainannoyThe decision he had made to learn English surprised us a lot.You'.The good news is that annoyness can be controled by some ways.What they pursue is profit .希望能帮到你

english is one of the most important subjects in junior high so we should learn it well.learning english just like learning other language, is hard work and we should also have good ways of learning english,such as listen to the teacher carefully,review

How to learn English First ,you should speak English in class .首先,你应该在课堂上说英语. After class ,talk to your class in English as you can .课后,与你的同学们谈话尽量用英语.You can ask help for your teacher and class if you not

找对学习英语的方法用英语 Find the right way to learn English.

最常用的是take measures to do sth.还有一些别的表达方法,如:adopt measures to do sth.take action to do sth.

i learn english like this english is very important for us. everyone wants to learn it well. my english is very good. how do i learn english? first, i listen to the teacher and make notes carefully in class. i revise my old lessons and prepare my new lessons

一、每天“读透”一篇阅读理解,就是不放过一个单词和句子,才能真正掌握英语. 二、每周“熟背”一篇作文或完形填空,做到能背诵能默写. 三、每天朗读30分钟“必不可少”保持一年. 四、每天务必听半个小时以上的录音带. 五、一天多次朗读英语,利用零碎时间,一次只需3-5分钟. 六、建立财富本,收集难题,错题,抄写在一个笔记本上,保证每天快速复习一遍. 七、疯狂抄写课文,同时大声朗读. 八、多读,多背小短文. 九、要练习三快,快读快听快写对于阅读你可以选择一些简易的读物,如书虫系列,中学生的英语学习报之类的.祝你学习进步、

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