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中国:China 、The People's Republic of China 加拿大:Canada 美国:American、USA、United States of America 英国:Britain、UK (The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland)

美国 usa加拿大Canada 英国 UK

Canada is the world's longest coastline in the country. The southern border with the United States, the 8,892-km-long border. Across the northern part of the sea with Russia. As the cold northern climate, only 12% of the land suitable for farming.

这是一篇我之前回答过的作文希望可以帮到你 the other side of the world, a nation located in north america, which is a neighbour of the states and russia, has a maple leaf as their symbol. they share the north pole with russia and rank in the second

加拿大 Canada.澳大利亚 Australia.韩国 Korea加拿大人.Canadian 澳大利亚人.Australian韩国人.Korean

加拿大人 canadian加拿大人的复数 canadians美国人 american 美国语 english澳大利亚人 australian新加坡人 sinqaporean巴黎人 parisian法国人 frenchmen英国人 britisher

美国:America 英国:England加拿大:Canada


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