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actress英[ktrs]美[ktrs]n.女演员; 女表演者网络演员; 最佳女主角; 女主角Her vocation is her work as an actress.她的职业就是当演员.She's a very great dramatic actress.她是一个非常了不起的戏剧演员A small-time actress and model不入流的女演员兼模特



演员yǎnyuán[actor; actress;performer;player]在舞台剧、电影、广播或电视剧中,或在戏剧片段中表演的人表现得似乎在扮演一个角色的人


女演员-actressa writer-一位作家纯人工翻译,满意采纳谢谢^_^

My favourite movie star Jackie Chan.He is a Chinese actor who was borned on April 7th,1954.He is an action movie star.I love his movie called Police story.When not working,he enjoys reading and spending time with friends.My favourite movie star

女演员nǚyǎnyuánactress这出戏,男女演员配搭得很和谐.Both the actors and actresses in the play are competently filled.女演员手上的红绸带在空中飞舞.The red silk ribbon in the actress's hands danced in the air.

演员 [词典] performer; actor or actress; impersonator; personator; playactor; [例句]她无疑是该国最优秀的女喜剧演员.There's no question she is the best comedienne in this country.

您好,领学网为您解答:an actressactress 英 [ktrs] 美 [ktrs] n.女演员;女表演者例句:你应该说他的姐姐是一位女演员.You should say his sister is an actress. 望采纳!

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