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work has been finished . 工作已经被完成了 flowers have been watered. 鲜花已经被浇过水了 meals have been eaten. 饭已经被吃完了

I have done all the things. 我已经做完所有的事情.All the things have been done by me.所有的事情已经被我做完了.

He has gone to Shanghai yesterday.

现在进行时1:I am reading my book.2: My mother is watching TV at her restroom now.3: My father is eating an apple.过去进行时1 I was listening to the muisc yesterday afternoon.2: she was reading the book when her mother cooked.3: His father

1, take place 发生, 这个是个不及物的动词短语,变化是“发生”而不是被发生,没有被动语态.2. change 变化,这个动词可做及物动词也可做不及物动词,看你要表达“变化”是自己主动变的还是被改变,可以用主动或被动都对.如果要表达持续在变,可以用现在完成进行时:I have been changing quite a lot.

现在完成进行时为:have/has +been +doing指过去发生的事,到现在这个点还在做. 现在完成进行时是没有被动语态的,如果有现在完成进行时的主动结构的句子变为被

has been missing一般不用,习惯上用 is missing .应为现在完成时和一般现在时都有表示现在情况的含义.has gone 和is gone 都是可以的.is lost和 has been lost 的用法和missing是差不多的.

They will have finished the project by the end of next month.他们将在下个月底前完成这工程.The project will have been finished by the end of next month.工程将在下个月底前完成.主动:will have done 被动:will have been done


主动 被动We have finished the work. The work has been finished.We have travelled to Ji'nan. The books have been sold out.We have ate up all apples. The money has been used up.They have lost the money. The trees have been removed.She has arrived in China. The telephone has been stolen.

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