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原发布者:韩希 中英文翻译器在线翻译 人群的英文: crowd throng multitude (ofpeople)confluence herd 参考例句: Profitabletothemasses 便利人群 Thehorsycrowd 爱马的人群 Thecrowdroareditselfhoarse. 人群喊哑了嗓子

Becanse of youI am afraid,I heard you dry night in your sleepBecause of you,I love my way,Imfonrced tofakeBecauseI cannot cey,Because you know that s weakaness in your eyesBecauseIam learming to go wish happiness to love

We can't climb the moutain because of the snow storm He can't speak French, neither can I

Working in this school since 19 93, his teaching characteristic is the work is earnest, abundant experience of students demanding, rich, the school excellent teachers, encouraging students one of, and students into a, deeply welcome students望采纳!

汉语的谐音是爱你一生 我爱你



Some people think that Internet language is bad, do not have any culture, influence people's level of knowledge, most of the Internet language is uncivilized, is not conducive

You should will "impossible" as "I is possible".


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