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表达建议的句型:Why don't youLet's What aboutHow aboutWhy notYou'd betterYou ought toYou shouldYou shouldHadn't you bet表达观点的句型:I think As

1.why not 2.why don't you 3.how about 4.what about 5.let's 6.shall we/I 7.please

how about Why not.?Why don't you.? do you thinkmaybe.in my opinion would you mind + doing what about 3you'd better do if I were you, I would do I suggest that what if for instance lets say if/that so if Shall we? Can we .. It is recommended to do sthIf you do .it will be better

1.what about doing sth ?2.why don't you +v? 3.why not +v? 4.shall we +v .? 5.let's +v. 都是用来表示提出建议的句型, 手工完成,尊重劳动,欢迎提问,感谢采纳!

he's clever took planning what to do it seems that need she was saw going through didn;t he ? does he or she cooking? listen to spring for--from none lots--much no one-- none doesn't--don't what--how the class

I think that the bad 我认为不好Nowhere 行不通A little too easy, right? 太简单了一些吧? 只会几个

For exampie

How aboutwhat if.My suggestion isIf I were you, I would.Let's do sth., shall we?I will be very happy if you

表达建议的句型:Why don't you Let's What about How about Why not You'd better You ought to You should You should Hadn't you bet

1.Why don't you do sth.?/ Why not do sth.? 后面的是前面的缩略形式.为什么不做……?2. What/ How about doing sth,? 做……怎么样? 3.Let's do sth. 让我们做……吧! 4. Shall we do sth? 我们做……好吗?5.You had better (not) do sth. 你最

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