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I want to be a volunteer 初中我想成为一名志愿者 I want to be a volunteer, because I think it's very happy to help others. I ll volunteer for children. I ll going to teach children who have trouble in reading. And I want to be a teacher and I love children and

Dear sir, My name is LiHua. I'm writing to apply for a role to be a volunteer in the Sudirman Cup Badminton Competition which will be held in Qingdao. I'm 21 years old, a student from medical institute in Qingdao. Also I used to work as the 16 th

我们都知道志愿者在我们的社会中扮演着非常重要的角色,正是有了千千万万的志愿者活跃在我们生活中的每个角落才让我们的生活越来越好.今天的英语作文,方向标为大家带来2篇关于志愿者的作文: 第一篇: 假设你是健康俱乐部的一位志

Dear Sir , I read your ad in the newspaper yesterday, I am writing to tell you I'd like to work as a volunteer for the 2008 Olympics. My name is Wang Gang. I am sixteen. I am a student of tianshui No.1 Middle School .I am outgoing. I like playing table

例文 At first, we should keep an optimistic attitude for our life.Because we are young people, it is necessary to have encouragement and ambitiom with our life and study. Even though we meet with some difficulties, we should overcome them and be

Furthermore I have been keen on sports and worshiped(崇尚) the Olympic slogan (口号)which advocate to be higher, faster and stronger which will also enable me to get devoted to the voluntary work. All in all, I am very confident to be a

dear teachers and fellow students, it's my great honor to stand here giving a speech. my topic is if i were a volunteer of national university games. secondly,if i were a volunteer of olympic games.i must be a peace lover.belives are of great

篇一:志愿者 Volunteer Nowadays, there is a increasing number for people to join in the activities of volunteering. It's well-known that volunteering job is making contribution to the society with nothing in return. It's like the Leifeng spirit. However,

On Volunteering 1.越来越多的人从事志愿工作 2.志愿工作对需要帮助的人和社会都有利,对志愿者本身也有好处 3.我认为…… The volunteering spirit has spread among the Chinese people in recent years, especially among young people.

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