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六年级英语作文My cat王文睿I had a cat six years ago . It was black . So I called him Old Black . It liked catching mice .When it caught the mice, it was so brave ! It also liked eating fish . When it ate something, it always shook its head , how lovely !


A A abigale 原为古希伯来名,意思是"最初的欢乐"或"欢乐之本".在圣经撒母尔记上篇第二十五章中,讲到了一位早期名叫abigale的人的故事.在这个故事之中,她是一位聪明、美丽的女人.她有过人的智慧和谋略.因而,她后来成了以色列大

a lot of ,lots of ,a number of,a quantity of,quantities of,plenty of

Time is money .一寸光阴一寸金.Live and learn.学无止境.Speak is a book .咬文嚼字.Practice makes perfact. 熟能生巧.It's never too late to mend. 亡羊补牢.、A year's plan starts with spring. 一年之计在于春. Every minute counts. 分秒必争. It is never too old to learn. 活到老,学到老

常用语用法 1.Hello 的用法: Hello 的意思为“您好” ,一般可作为熟人,亲朋好友之间的打招呼用语,语气比较随便,例如: Hello,Li Hua!你好,李华. Hello,Tom!你好,汤姆! Hello 也可以用以引起某人注意,常用在打电话时或者在路

请及时采纳! (*^__^*) 不明白的再问哟,更上一层楼get the lowest markget the lowest scoreget the lowest grade你学习进步

I would like to introduce my friend. Her name is LiuXue. She has a tall and strong body. She's also an outgoing girl. For example, she enjoys playing sports.She likes singing,too. She does well in all the subjects. I still remember when she first came to

顺序如下:1.your name---名字:中英文2.job---现状和offer的money3.age---一句4.hobbies---略写5.schools--从哪毕业6.family---主要成员(如果父母有本事,写上去)7.what you want to be in the future---较具体点PS:因为不知道你要把这自我介绍放那,所以目前只能回答比较模糊 希望LZ能补充一下咯

第一个I was very sleepy in the morning, so i didn't go running as usual. I had something for breakfast. My new day has begun. The results would come out today. My classmates all felt very nervous, so did I. Then one of my classmates called me, and

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