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First of all is the pressure. Because of the university entrance examination, Chinese students have to study hard in order to enter the university. And most of their families know a view thatknowledge can change your fate. But most of American family

The pocket money resources for the American and Chinese high school students come almost the same way: money from their parents, income from part-time jobs and scholarships they can get, but the percenttage of each is quite different. Half of

There are many similarities and differences between American students and Chinese students. We take American boy Andrew for example.Andrew share some similarities with me.We both like listening to music,doing sports and watching sports

According to the table, the differences over main source of income between Chinese and American college students can be observed.


The differences of the assignments between the USA and China The study assignments after class is infect with the study impression.And what is the most valuable model of the school assignments after class?Here I want to discuss this problem

Due to the coming student culture exchange, I am supposed to go to America and I will live with you for a few days.So I am writing to introduce myself briefly,which may allow you to know something about me in advance. I am already 17 years old and I

I am in the country after completion of primary, secondary, to the United States in 2006 on a secondary school grade 11 (equivalent to the domestic High School). Before I went to the United States in, often heard people say that the U.S. secondary

There are a lot of differences between the school habits ofAmerican and Chinese student. Especially high school kids. For example,in USA, high school usually ends at 4:00 p.m. But in China, although schoolusually ends at five, but there will be night

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