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Xx and xx a tourist guide scenic other scenic the charging standard. the accounts for sightseeing bus tour guide fee the amount of $58 ( ) one hundred twenty people time, all the scenic area of visitors to enter the xx are in the middle. third, all

自己的作业自己写别求助网络 不想英语挂的就自己写去

旅游景点该不该要求游客打通票人们众说纷纭,有人认为应该:1.游客可以省去多次购票的费事 2.方便控制游客的人数.有人认为不应该:1.游客不得不旅游他们不喜欢的景点 2.费用添加,招致游客不想去该景区观赏. 总之,俗话说"顾客是上

给博物馆写一篇游客须知Write a tourist guide for the museum

Taishan Mountain is located in the middle of ShanDong Province and it ranks the first of the five great mountains in China.No matter who acted as the emperor of the past dynasties,he would pay religious homage to Taishan Mountain as the first

tourist information1.opening time: 9:00a.m--17:30p.m2.ticket or valid document is accepted3.pets and dangerous materials are forbidened4.taking care of public facilities and no amoling in park5.register is necessary for related group visitors

游客须知 [网络] VISITOR INFORMATION; Essential Visitor Information; 须知 [词典] notice; one should know that; it must be understood that; points for attention; [例句]须知胜利来之不易.It must be borne in mind that the victory is hard-won.

出入境办理登机手续 游客注意事项Entry and exit formalities Visitors note 一、问路时常用的方位词 East东、 South南、 West西、 North北、 Left左、 Right右、 Straighton往前直去、 There那儿、 Front前方、 Back后方、 Side侧旁、 Before之前

Before departure,the mist is dispersing,this is the last night,the baptism of reasons.open the door,and a fresh wind with the wind,the weariness of my face suddenly disappeared.We all along the sidewalk,sucking in the rain had to bring our good air.

The Chinese gov has ordained that PRC citizens visiting abroad must “behave in civilized manners”. The so-called “civilized tourism” campaign plans to penalized irresponsible manners of Chinese citizens travelling abroad. Those who are

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