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So here we stand in our secret placeWith a sound of the crowd' so far awayAnd you take my hand and it feels like homeWe both understand' it's where we belongSo how do I say' do I say goodbyeWe both have our dreams' we both wanna flySo let's

Love Again - Dana LowreyYou used to be the reason that I breathedAnd now I'm suffocatingAnd I can't get myself to sleepWhen I close my eyes you are all I seeA photograph replaces my memoriesBut then something I've never knownAnd I can't

Call Me Maybe - The Hit NationI threw a wish in the wellDon't ask me I'll never tellI looked at you as it fellAnd now you're in my wayI trade my soul for a wishPennies and dimes for a kissI wasn't looking for thisBut now you're in my wayYour stare was


那节目真的不太真实 那她们也算是娱乐圈的人了 娱乐圈里面的事情不是我们能想象的 她们当然是朋友 不过是多好的朋友就不知道了

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