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ask sb about sth 问某人关于某事 ask sb. to do sth, 要求某人做某事 ask sb for sth 向某人索要/寻求某物

你好!He asked her for some money他问她要一些钱 Don't ask for money any more不要再要钱了 He asked her to give him some money他问她要给他一些钱 He asked her about how to earn money他问她关于如何赚钱 谢谢啊 仅代表个人观点,不喜勿喷,谢谢.

ask造句1. May I ask a question?我可以问一个问题吗?2. I'm calling to ask you about the delivery.我打电话给你,是询问发货的事.3. He'll lend you the money if you ask him.如果你请求他的话,他就会把钱借给你.4. It was such a big job that he had to ask for help .这项工作量太大,他得请求帮助.5. I have asked some friends for tea.我请了一些朋友来喝茶.

ask 英 [:sk] 美 [sk] vt.& vi.问,询问;需要;要求,请求;邀请 vt.询问;邀请;请求允许;要价 vi.要求;询问;请,邀请 第三人称单数: asks 现在分词: asking 过去式: asked 过去分词: asked 双语例句 1'How is Frank?' he asked “弗兰克怎么样了?”他问道.2 We had to ask him to leave 我们不得不要求他离开.3 I asked to see the Director. 我要求见主任.

you can ask your teacher for help.

1. ask about sth (sb) 询问有关某人或某事的情况.如: She asked about his health. 她询问他的健康状况. Can I ask about the exam results? 我可以问问考试结果吗? 2. ask after sb 问候某人(的健康).如: They all ask after you. 他们都问候

ask的用法,ask sth. 问…… ask sb to do sth.让某人做某事ask for help/sth 请求帮助、要求某事物ask sb in/out 邀请某人出来、进来1.意思是:“要求、请求”时ask sb to do sth ,要求/请求某人做某事ask sb not to do sth ,要求某人不做某事2.意

用ask for造句:1、Do you want me to be polite, or are you asking for information ?你是要我讲漂亮话,还是真想知道些情况?2、A question is a sentence that asks for information疑问句是一个要求资讯的句子.3、Ask for information to be

1.意思是:“要求、请求”时ask sb to do sth ,要求/请求某人做某事ask sb not to do sth ,要求某人不做某事2.意思为:“询问,查询”时ask sb about sth询问某人关于某事3.意思是:央求,要求时ask for+help,请求帮助

ask vt. 问, 询问, 质问 请求, 祈求 邀请, 请, 约 讨(价)等 需要 ask the way 问路 ask sb. to a party 请某人赴会 ask her pardon 请求她的宽恕 You ask too high a price. 你要价太高了. The matter asks hard work. 这件事需要付出辛勤劳动

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