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与go相关的短语搭配 go bowling去打保龄球; go running去跑步; go camping去露营; go sailing去划船; go sightseeing去观光; go cycling去骑单车; go fishing去钓鱼; go hiking徒步旅游; go swimming去游泳; go walking去散步; go jogging去慢跑; go window shopping去逛街; go mountain climbing去爬山

go to是动词短语,其中to也可能是动词不定式go to英 [u tu:] 美 [o tu] v.上;赴;转到,定位;奔赴例句1.i'm going to go to bed 我要睡觉了.2.it was time for him to go to work 他该去上班了.

go to somewherego to bedgo here/there/homego-ahead \adj.前进着的 \n.<俗>前进, 进步, 放行信号 go-aheadism \n.<口>进取的精神,主动性,积极性 go-around \n.回合, 激烈争论 go-as-you-please \adj.漫无计划的, 不被规则所束缚, 随心

go shopping go home go to school go swimming go there/here go to work

1、go after 追求,设法获得2、go on 继续3、go on with 继续4、go against 反对,违背5、go ahead 向前,干吧,说吧,用吧6、go by 从旁经过7、go down下降,倒下8、go up上涨9、go in for 酷爱10、go over 走过去,温习11、go through仔

go to school, get up, go to bed, do one's homework, listen to music, talk on the telephone, go home, have breakfast, watch TV, read a book, write a story, draw a picture, sing a song, fly kites.

你好,很高兴回答你的问题 go after 追求, 设法获得 go on 继续 go on with 继续 go against 反对,违背 go ahead 向前,干吧,说吧,用吧 go by 从旁经过 go down下降,倒下 go up上涨 go in for 酷爱 go over 走过去,温习 go through仔细查看,

go climbinggo walkinggo jogginggo swimminggo runninggo drivinggo boatinggo fishinggo campinggo homego to schoolgo disongo swim go boatingcome to teago dancego play bestkeballgo play footballgo play tennisgo play talb..

clean the floor 扫地clean the house 打扫房间collect stamps 集邮come back 回来come from 来自……come here 来这里come in 进来come on 过来/加油come to tea 来喝茶cook the meal 煮饭crash into 撞向dig a hole 挖坑do housework 做家务do

go swimming 去游泳 go shopping 去 购物 go climbing 去爬山 go skating 去滑冰 go hunting 去打猎 go shooting 去射击 go walking 去散步 go boating 去划船

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