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Is it cute?Yes, it is.No, it isn't..第一时间为你解答,敬请采纳,如对本题还有疑问可追问,Good luck!

一般疑问句:Is the cat cute?肯定回答:Yes,it is.否定回答:No,it isn't.请采纳支持

您好,It is a book. 本身是一个陈述句,改成:一般疑问句:Is it a book?肯定回答:Yes, it is (a book).否定回答:No, it isn't (a book).

Are you going to visit the History Museum?Yes,we are. No,we are not.Did your two brothes go fishing one day?Yes,they did. No,they didn't.Are the twins climbing the tree now?Yes,they are. No,they aren't.Does he have a lovely dog?Yes,he does. No,he doesn't.Is there any ink in the bottle?Yes,there is. No,there isn't.

It is a cat一般疑问句:Is it a cat?肯定回答:Yes, it is .否定回答:No, it isn't.否定句:It isn't a cat. 句型转换以IS为中心变,be动词用法口诀要想提问be提前,否定not加be后边

He is your brother.Yes,he is.No,he isn't.

答案alater on表示“过会儿后”.

Is his father an English teacher?Yes, he is.Are Mrs li and Kitty in the library?Yes, they are.Are you Jim's cousin?Yes,I am.Are you in the classroom?Yes,we are.Are they very nice?Yes, they are.

1肯定在2肯定不在3肯定是4十分爱吃5非常新 1.他们的老师在教室里吗2.她的妈妈在家吗3.他的妹妹是护士吗4.我的哥哥爱吃苹果吗5.他们的房子是新的吗.他们的老师在教室里吗

is it an orange?yes, it is.no, it isn't.

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