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Kanye West ft. Paul McCartney--Only One Philip George--Wish You Were Mine Madonna--Living for Love Gorgon City ft. JenniferHudson--Go All Night Tom Odell--Real Love Calvin Harris ft. Ellie Goulding--Outside Coldplay--Ink Fall Out Boy--

Let It Go - James Bay Walking home and talking loads漫步回家,一路闲聊Seein' chirps in evening clothes with you你穿着浮夸的晚礼服Nervous touch and getting drunk小心翼翼,烂醉如泥To stayin' up and wakin' up with you只为与你一起熬夜,

fanny louise bernth 一个还没有出名的模特

The snow glows white on the mountain tonight皑皑白雪覆盖今夜的山Not a foot print to be seen埋藏身后我的足迹A kingdom of isolation在这孤独白色国度And it looks like I'm the queen我就是那冰雪的女王The wind is howling like this swirling storm

歌曲:Running歌手:James Bay所属专辑:Let It Go - EPWhen my heart is ready to burst,当这个世界开始变得天翻地覆When the world spins in reverse我便开始整装待发I'll keep running我将不停的奔跑To the place where I belong去到达那你所

Hold Back the River - James BayTry to keep you close to meBut life got in betweenTry to square not being thereBut it's there that I should have beenHold back the riverLet me look in your eyesHold back the river so ICan stop for a minute and see


以下根据海洋罗列世界各地的海: 【太平洋】 Pacific Ocean 白令海 Bering Sea 阿拉斯加湾 Gulf of Alaska 科特斯海 Sea of Cortez 鄂霍次克海 Sea of Okhotsk 日本海 Sea of Japan 濑户内海 Seto Inland Sea 东海 East China Sea 南海(南中国海


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