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what time is it?什么时间了?(我特谈门一日一提)what's he doing?他在做什么?(我次黑读因)lt's 8 o'ciock.8点了(一次A提饿可老可)he is studying.他在学习 (黑一日四大地) 不好意思,很想给你打音标出来的,就是,音标里面的字符,我确实打不出来啊``

I am a student in Nottingham Secondary/high school. I would like to make some comments on my abroad studying experience.




I am thinking of English is very interesting language. 这句有点问题,应该是I think English is a very interesting language. 还有这里:I always feel sad and want not to read. 应该是 I always feel sad and don't want to read. 其他的都还可以

i wanna to chat to u on msn too but my english is not very good,maybe reply to u very slow.but i m studying english so hard.i m a girl which is very shy,i dont know how to chat for happy to a friend who is a new gay .but hope for the future ,we can become good friend by knowing each other day by day.

But he did not give up learning, but more efforts and create a perfect life.

Teacher: glad to be here for an interview, my name is XXX, I was born in baotou, Inner Mongolia autonomous region, kunqu. My parents are also located in this city of steel work. Steel is one of the top 10 steel plant. It not only produces a single yield

studying 是在学习研究的意思

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