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this is 和 thErE is

this is = 这是,就是一个主系表结构的句型。 This is a pen.= 这是一支钢笔. there is 就是There be句型,表示“某地存在有某人或某物“。 其构成为“There be+名词+地点/时间状语”. 这里there是引导词,没有词义,be是谓语动词,代词或名词(短语...

it —— 代词,单数。主要用于指代前面提到过的某件事和作形式主语。例: I read a book yesterday. It is a good one.(it 指代 a book) It is important to learn English well.(it 作形式主语,指代 to learn English well.) this —— 1. 指...

there is 是 某处有某样东西 this is 是 这是。。。

This is our big classroom. There is a blackboard on the wall and a computer on the teacher's desk. There are many desks and chairs. There are four lights in the classroom, too. We love our classoom!

there is 就近原则 说 我的房间有两张椅子和三台电脑一张桌子就用there are

There is是某地有某物 Here is 是这是。。。的意思。

there和here用作表语,习惯上需要用倒装,也就是“there is + 名词”。例如: There isthe bus. 公交过车来了。 There is abus. 有一辆公交车。 很少有单用“名词 + is there”这种句式的情况。如果要把there放在后名,一般还要在there前加一个副词...

您好,很高兴为您解答:this is = 这是 here is = 这里是/这里有 例句: This is a pen.= 这是一支钢笔。 Here is a ticket. = 这里有一张票。 This is my homework. = 这是我的作业。 Here is my homework. = 我的作业在这儿。 This is 通常描...

填something interesting。Is there something interesting in this book? 这本书里有什么有趣的东西吗? 一般情况下,疑问句、否定句中用any(或anything、anyone等),肯定句中用some(或something、someone)。但是,如果说话人希望或认为会...

Look! This is my bedroom. There is a bed.There are shoes.The clock is on the wall!

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